Pastor John Horn
Pastor John Horn

Welcome to Lighthouse Baptist Church!

We have a desire to lead the people of Schenectady to a relationship with the One who made us all.

In the same way that a lighthouse protects ships from crashing into land, we strive to always be on, always be ready, and shine as brightly as possible for our Lord.

If you came to this page looking for answers to questions about the Bible, or how you can know for sure that you can go to heaven after this life is over, please click on the button below.

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Connect with Us

Find out about our Mission Statement, Statement of Beliefs, Our Sunday morning services and most importantly, how you can know for sure that you can go to heaven.


Grow with us

Through the use of small group Sunday School, we develop deeper connections with other people, and learn to study God’s Word effectively


Serve with us

We have many ministries here at Lighthouse both internally focused (nursery, facilities) and externally focused (bus ministry, military care packages) We encourage our people to find some way to get involved in serving Christ outwardly as we grow in our understanding of His sacrifice for us.


Service Schedule

Sunday Morning

Small Groups  Р10:00 am

Sunday Morning Connect – 11:00 am

Sunday Evening

Worship Service – 6:00 pm

Wednesday Evening

Prayer meeting and Bible Trivia – 7:00 pm


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