• Small groups are designed to be classes that allow for people to get to know one another and ask questions while learning about the Bible and studying it as a group.

    These classes are dynamic and energetic. We have a focus on learning not just specific topics, but also how to study the Word of God.

    Throughout the past 30 years of Lighthouse Baptist Church, we have found that there are specific doctrinal keys that people need to learn in order to study the Bible effectively.

    We have designed a curriculum that allows for someone who has never read a single word of the Bible to someone who has been following Christ for many years to still learn and be challenged by the Word of God.

  • Teens are also called young adults. We believe that because of the more advanced ability of the teenager to understand the knowledge, many teens are able to be a part of the Adult small groups. This also allows for us to be able to disciple the teens more effectively.

    Teens are encouraged via teen activities and various age-specific opportunities throughout the year, but they are also encouraged as a part of the church to be involved in the adult small group classes.

  • Grades 1 through 6 are involved in this exciting and energy filled ministry. We have teachers who love the children and are engaged and excited to teach the Bible to them.

    Through spending time with the kids, their love for God, and their excitement about teaching God’s Word, these teachers make up the backbone of our investment into the future generation of Christ-followers.

  • A ministry not for the faint of heart! How do you teach a child that has very little attention span about God and His Word? Quickly of course!

    Our nursery staff are trained and experienced women who have a passion for serving God and showing our youngest members the love of Christ. We have background checks on all of our children’s workers and we strive to maintain the highest level of safety and cleanliness.