Serving is an extremely important aspect of Worship!

To serve in the church is to give back to God.

To many of us, this is an integral part of our worship, and it’s how we show our faith.

There are a number of different ministries that you can be a part of, and we like for our people to see the different ways that they can volunteer before they choose where they will commit their time an energy.

If you’re thinking of how you would like to get involved, please contact Pastor Horn, or your small group leader and ask a few key questions.

  1. Where are your strengths? It’s important that you serve God in a way that takes advantage of the spiritual gifts that God has given to you.
  2. Where does the church have a need?
  3. What can I do to prepare myself for service?

These questions can help you to find a place to serve that is more satisfying for you personally, and also helps us to be able to pray for you as you take this important step in your spiritual growth.

  • Serve
  • Serve
    Junior Church
  • Serve
    Facilities and Maintenance
  • Serve
    Special Music
  • Serve
    Washing Pastor’s car! (just kidding)